We wouldn't be who we are without our incredible 150+ volunteers, people of all ages, interests, personalities, and backgrounds. They help us stay rooted in relationships and community.

Some of our volunteers fill particular roles like cooking or leading activities - and they do an amazing job! But for most volunteers, their main role - and this is so crucial! - is simply to be a Friend to our Friends with disabilities. You do not have to have "experience" or be an extrovert. Just be yourself!
With all that we have going on, we're confident that we can find something that fits your schedule and interests. If you want to learn more about what kinds of things we do, check out our Programs tab at the top.



If we're already met with you and you are ready to commit, you'll need to fill out this Volunteer Registration Form with more detailed contact information. You will also need to do a Background Check. This will ask you for a fee of $11.50; if you are unable to do that for any reason, please let us know at david@realityministries.org and we can run it when you're here.