Daytime Programs


Daytime Gatherings

DAYTIME (September-July) is a dynamic program with a variety of enriching activities centered on community and personal growth.  We have daytime Monday-Friday from 10:00am-3:00pm. Each person can sign up to come ONE DAY a week. A day of Daytime might include life skills, music, art, yoga, trips around the community, and (always) a delicious lunch!

There is an annual fee for Daytime, but our policy that money should never be an obstacle to someone’s participation. If someone wants to register but is concerned about the fee, scholarships are available (both through us and through a third party). If you are registered for one day per week, the annual fee is $550. This can be broken down into bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payments, or another arrangement can be made.

Reality Ministries serves individuals with developmental disabilities age 18 and older.


To register, please complete the participant information form. For more information about our programs, contact the Allison Waters, 919-688-7776.

Evening Programs