Support Reality Camps!

Support Reality Camps!

You are invited to make a difference this SUMMER!

A beautiful, gnarled old live oak tree overlooks the water of Bogue Sound next to the lodge where our group stays for "The Sound," our overnight Reality trip. Amongst its many qualities, it is a perfect hammock-hanging tree. And last month at The Sound, Erica "hammocked" for the first time.

Those who know Erica will testify to her lovely, gentle presence and her sense of humor. She shares the love of Jesus with so many people. On this trip, she was more run down than usual due to some severe pain she was experiencing. Then Abbie offered to share her hammock.  Gently rocking by the water seemed to alleviate Erica's pain. So there she stayed, for the entire afternoon break time. And there, in that hammock, was a beautiful picture of Reality:  two people whose friendship transcends disability or any other difference, abiding together and blessing one another.

Reality summer camps provide people of all abilities these kinds of memorable, un-rushed, communal experiences. There's something for everyone, specially designed with diverse abilities and needs in mind.

Five overnight trips to The Sound, a day trip to the lake, special big group activities, a new sensory camp for those who flourish in quieter settings, and two weeks of SummerFest (day camp) full of adventures at the Reality Center and around town.

Will you join us? We want to welcome all, regardless of ability to pay, and your donation to support Reality campers helps us do that!