Sharing the Table at Reality

Sharing the Table at Reality

At Reality, we love good food. In fact feasting at the table together is very much at the heart of who we are.

Meals, shared by family and friends, are a celebration of the provision of a loving God. We experience Jesus in them, as he has told us to always remember him when we break bread together. And we experience Jesus in each other, as we are called to be his Body, each person an important part. At Reality lunches, so many different folks get to share the table together!

At noon at the Reality Center each day, 40 rambunctious folks gather in the Community Room, set tables, bless the food, and then come by the giant kitchen window to receive a delicious array of food. Just this morning Suzanne made us her favorite chili recipe with fresh baked cornbread, sesame dressed salad, and pears, tangerines and bananas in abundance. When “seconds” are offered, we’ll likely see Sidney back up at the counter with the most un-hide-able smile on his face; he later puts his plate away declaring, “Man that was good! Oh I’m full, I’m full now! Full. You?”

The kitchen is bustling by 10am in preparation of our meal. Our cooks offer homemade creations like Amy’s Moroccan Stew, Sue’s Cosmic Quinoa salad, Annaliese’s Mac-n-Cheese Bake and O’s Indian Daal with yogurt. This winter, a giant steaming pot of apple cider has made frequent appearances!

These incredible volunteer cooks bless us with food that is thoughtful, delicious, and healthy – such an important thing for our friends. We are currently filling our Calendar with folks offering to help cook, serve or cleanup lunches, and we need your help! See below for ways to help. 

Another beautiful way Reality is engaging in hospitality around the table is our Friday Reality Café. Our Café Team is a group of folks of all abilities who gather together, get to know each other, and cook! The Team hosts guests at the Café twice a month for a three course lunch.
If you’re interested being a guest at a Friday lunch, email susan@realityministries. org.

The Café offers both food and hospitality in a special way, especially because of the amazing people on the team who foster a space of welcome and belonging. Read more here: Reality Ministries Café. We are always looking for new folks to join our team; it is an incredibly unique and engaging way to join in the joyful work of our community!

 Concrete ways you can get involved:

  • Head chef: Take one of our recipes, or a fantastic one of your own, shop, and prepare it. Could be once a week, twice a month, even once a month.
  • Sous chef: Come in to assist the head chef by preparing, serving, and cleaning as needed.
  • Dishwasher: Simply help clean up as cooking is happening and after the meal.
  • Sponsor: Financially cover the cost of lunch (one time or recurring).
  • Desserts for Birthdays: Help supply our freezer with brownies, cookies, or cupcakes.

If you are interested and want to learn more, email

With any of these roles, you are encouraged to sit, eat, and share the table with us when we feast!

Some Examples: We have a father of one of our participants whose company funds lunch once every two months, a mother who pre-cooks things in her home and brings them in every other week, and a few others who come carrying grocery bags, cook in our kitchen, serve, eat at the table, and help clean up after—every week. We can receive your gifts in quite a variety of ways!