Joy to the WORLD!

Joy to the WORLD!

Every morning our Daytime group welcomes the new day together by answering a simple question like, “if you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?”  The question rotates each day, making room for our community to know one another and to be known more and more.  This has become a space to discover all of our different ways of communicating.  It is a small school for listening.

Our friend Boris has a communication style that goes well beyond words.  Following his lead, we have been learning how to engage and connect with one another in varied ways.  Our morning question time is coming to include all sorts of communication methods: pictures, silent waiting, gestures, and written responses.  Recently, Boris has opened up when given two options, one presented with the left hand and one with the right.  He points to the one he prefers.  This past month, I watched Marshall, another participant at Reality who has his own unique and oft-misunderstood language, finish answering the question of the day, and then turn to Boris.  He placed both hands in front of Boris, offered two possible responses, and waited with a grin on his face.  After a few moments of considering, Boris excitedly pointed to Marshall’s right hand.  I was watching something quite incredible.  Marshall and Boris were communicating with one another.  Barriers to communion were being overcome.  They were becoming friends. 

We are learning one another’s languages here at Reality Ministries through the patient work of attention.

If Jesus’ birth is indeed God’s Word coming into the world, then Christmas is the story of God’s communication with all creation.  And what we learn in this Christmas mystery is that the goal of all good, beautiful, and true communication is communion.  The Gift of Jesus is the Gift of a Loving God relentlessly beckoning humanity into deeper relationship -- with God and with one another.  God knows all the nooks and crannies of our communication and invites us, in the Holy Spirit, to discover communion with one another through attentive care and welcome.  

Thank you for your participation in this holy, joyful work.  

This is the Good News of the Mystery of Christmas -- God is with us.  Always.  May we be heralds and receivers of this Good News, in all our varied ways of communicating.

In the Joy of Christmas,
Greg Little
Community Leader