School’s out…for the summer?

School’s out…for the summer?

Hayden and Mike at the Sound!

As a graduate student, I spend most of the year buried in books, taking tests, writing papers, participating in group discussions, and listening attentively—or not so attentively—to lectures. In a word: I spend most of the year learning. And though I thoroughly enjoy school, and am thankful for all the time I get to spend in it, by the time summertime hits, I’m ready for a break. Most summers, I get the break I’m looking for. Key word: most.


This summer is not like most: at Reality, I’m still in school. And the unique thing is, while I normally desire a break from school, here at Reality I want no such thing. All I want to do is to continue learning.


So, what have I learned this summer? And to what teachers do I owe credit? Here are some highlights:



Standing on the pier, with the wind blowing in our faces, and the loud, but comforting rush of the water in our ears, Mike pointed to the lake and, as if pointing at a chalkboard, said: “Do you remember when God parted the sea? Look! Do you remember when Jesus walked on water? Look!”  Thus from Mike, I learned that even a moment like standing on a pier in the middle of the afternoon is an invitation to see the story of Scripture come to life.



Of my many teachers at Daytime, and of all the lessons that I’ve learned, the times that stick out the most are the times when I made food. When David taught me how to make the most delicious granola bars imaginable, and when Jasmine and Paige taught me how to make the largest funfetti cupcakes the Ronald McDonald house had ever seen—I’ll never forget those moments. Man, those desserts were tasty!



I am proud to say that during Summerfest, under the careful eye of a teacher named Christian, I officially learned how to dab. Watch out!



How do you recognize a basil plant? How do you distinguish a watermelon plant from that of a squash? If not for my teachers Bonnie, Tikelah, and Tony, aka the Green Thumbs, I would not know how to answer such questions.  


The Sound, Daytime, Summerfest, Corner House—these words, and others like them, have defined my summer. I view them as the names of the subjects I’ve been encouraged to study while attending “summer school” at Reality. What all of these highlights show is, that while most students are out of school for the summer, I’m happily still in it. I’m happily still learning at Reality.