Sunrises and Sand...Summer moments at Reality

Sunrises and Sand...Summer moments at Reality

By Quinn Holmquist // 2016-2017 Reality Fellow

Summer is the best season at Reality. The sun beckons us outdoors. We cheer on the Durham Bulls, road-trip to the Sound, and share a week at SummerFest, Reality’s day camp. The sun tires us enough to slow down and bask in moments like these:

Symoni loves sunrises. When we went to the Sound last year, Symoni had one goal: watch the day break. But Symoni also loves her sleep. She snoozed through dawn twice in a row. Our final day, she was determined. When I stumbled out of bed at 5:30, there was Symoni, waiting bright-eyed on the couch. We tiptoed to the pier.

And there we sat, side by side. The sky shimmered pink, then orange, then a blinding yellow. When the light tired our eyes, we found each other. The sun shone again in our smiles.

Tikelah loves mess. If there’s mud, she’s rolling in it. If there’s flour, it’s powdering her face. And sand! A new medium for mess! Before Reality’s trip to the Sound, Tikelah had never been to the beach. But she knew what to do. She plopped down and pulled me with her. Happy hands poured sand. Five minutes later, our bodies were buried.

And there we lay, side by side. The grains rubbed our skin like ten million masseuses. The sun warmed our bones.

Moments. Our days are made of them. But they are fleeting. My words cannot hold them. But we can behold them. In the slowness of summer at Reality, we behold moments together.

These moment never return. But Tikelah, Symoni, and I aren’t worried.

This summer, the sand is waiting, and the sun over the Sound will rise again.

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