An Extraordinary Event!

An Extraordinary Event!
Art gallery and seating open at 6:00pm
Stage Performance starts at 7:00pm

Free Admission, Tickets Required
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TALENT SHOW UPDATE: Tickets are very close to being SOLD OUT! Call the Reality Center office if you want to come to the show and cannot get seats through TicketMaster, 919-688-7776, we have a few seats on hold we can give away!

When a few of us staff members toured the Durham Performing Arts Center last summer, in hopes of having the Talent Show there, they were setting up for that night’s performance by…. Aretha Franklin. Aretha Franklin! Her song “Respect” is considered one of the greatest ever written. She, like most performers at the DPAC, has been elevated to the pinnacle of her craft. She can draw and awe audiences around the globe.
And now here we are, weeks away from bringing the Reality Talent Show to the DPAC stage. And our friends will also draw and captivate a massive audience. But they will do more than that. After ten years of shows, we know that this is more than just performance. Dozens of people with developmental disabilities – a population rarely front and center – will take the biggest stage in the Triangle at the number four ranked theater in the U.S. And they will inspire, encourage, and empower in a way that no other show can, because somehow this show tells people something about God’s presence in our midst.
I’ve discovered that the Talent Show is not reducible to any one part. Its success cannot be explained by the precision of a drum line or the perfect pitch or tone of a singing voice. It’s the whole thing together that blows people away; and “the whole thing” includes the audience – the best audience I’ve ever seen! If you come to the Reality Talent Show on April 25, you will be part of this. You will inspire as you are inspired. You will encourage as you are encouraged. And at the end of the night you will have participated in something that you will never forget.

written by David Sittser, Reality staff


THANK YOU to our sponsors for helping make this event possible:
Canvas on Demand & United Therapeutics!