Reality Day Camp

« Back to Galleryour theme for the weekPaige & Kieshawn playing the pianoDSC_0094.jpgDSC_0095.jpgsinging to start the dayDSC_0104.jpgDSC_0109.jpgRicky leading the song :)craft time...with Barbi DaltonDSC_0116.jpgDSC_0120.jpgDSC_0121.jpgDSC_0122.jpgDSC_0123.jpgDSC_0124.jpgDSC_0125.jpgDSC_0129.jpgDSC_0131.jpgthey guysArwen, Brittany & SunnySamantha, Maria & ErinDSC_0137.jpgKristen, Caroline, Arwen & SusanAmy, Betty Brandt, Janie, Elisa & Paigeone of the games at Frankie's Fun Park :)our whole group at Frankiesdoing the macarena while waiting...never a dull moment with this crowd!Alex & RachaelSunny & BrittanyDSC_0151.jpgDSC_0154.jpgDSC_0156.jpgAmy loved it!Betty BrandtDSC_0163.jpgDSC_0164.jpgKieshawn & PaigePrestonCameron & SloanZac & HunterMaria & ErinJames & NateDrew & BengtDSC_0185.jpgCameron & SloanSusan & SteffieDave & RickyDSC_0199.jpgDSC_0201.jpgDSC_0204.jpgDSC_0206.jpgElisa & JanieMeredith & EricaKristen & ArwenSteffie & KieshawnDSC_0214.jpgSunny & BrittanyHunterBengt & DrewMaria & Erin...soaking wet after the bumper boatsJulie & JJgetting strapped inJaniePaige, Amy, Brittany, Sunny, Alex & Kieshawngetting Sloan ready for the zip lineSam & Sloan having a moment :)Elisa & ZoeSloan looking excitedRicky & DavidRachael & AlexBrittany & SunnyAnna & EricaNate & DrewJJ can play the drums on anything!Zach, Kieshawn & HunterErica & SamEveryone waiting to be checkedMaria, Erin, Zoe & ElisaJulie, JJ, Betty Brandt & JanieAnna & Steffiesomeone caught the photographer :)Ricky all ready to golistening to instructions from TraceyRach & AlexHunterErin showing couragegetting a feel for the dropBrittanyDrew & NateDrew showing courage!Anna, Amy & MariaErica & SamGetting the booty bag ready for SloanCameron's always telling jokes...Sloan was excited!DSC_0338.jpgeveryone watching & cheeringthe group pulling him up the zipteam workDSC_0352.jpgready to rockthe movie of this is great!DSC_0363.jpgwaiting so patiently in the heatcaught them holding hands :)Anna, Alex & Rach being so braveAmy waiting her excited & nervousAlexDSC_0379.jpgJanie getting ready for the zipJanie & TraceyDSC_0387.jpgDSC_0395.jpgAmy DID IT!!!!!Janie's entourageAnna & Amy were quite the teamDSC_0405.jpgSteffie getting ready for the zip-lineDSC_0412.jpgso fastHunter making the climb...Amy was the first to get there!team workDSC_0429.jpgHunter & ZachKieshawn ready to go!Zach pushing the step closer to Hunterholding on for dear life :)Paige all ready to climbErin on the zip-line!DSC_0446.jpgErica helping Sloan cool offPaige smiling from 35 feet upSam & Amy having a moment to discuss the Paige & KieshawnWhat a team!Hunter being so brave!Zach is the man.Hunter getting ready to zip-linethere he goes!Zach enjoying the rideReady, set...Jump!!DSC_0501.jpgKieshawn...America's Next Top Model :)praying to start the daypictionary!awesomeDSC_0011.jpgAmy, Taylor & SteffieWould you rather...Susan talking about how HIGH God's love isDSC_0026.jpgBarbi leading the craft timeMeredith & EricaArwenTita (the chef), Steffie & Betty Brandtlunch time!Ricky & David doing their daily exercisesBarbi & EricaPaige loves to dancewonderful ladies who prepared lunch for us!our whole groupDSC_0062.jpgcraft time at Camp New HopeDSC_0064.jpgswimming at Camp New HopeDSC_0068.jpgHunterSloan going for a swimpreciousthe two weathermen named NateArwen & CarolineJJ & LIsahanging with Sloan in the poolDSC_0099.jpgZoe & ElisaJJ playing drums in the pool!Anna & AmyPrestonSloan & KieshawnTaylor & CarolineJUMP!