Reality Fellows

Apply to be a Reality Fellow 2019-2020!

We welcome you to apply to be a Reality Fellow! These four young adults (ages 21-28) will spend a year living amongst, serving alongside, and learning from our community of friends with and without developmental disabilities.

The Reality Fellows Program is a unique and unforgettable experience! A year as a Fellow is an immersion into:

  • Life within a beloved community

  • Discovering your own vocational gifts and aspirations

  • Transformative service toward those who are typically marginalized

  • Learning from these same people, who have so much wisdom about following Jesus

The basics:

The Reality Fellows Program consists of two overlapping elements. First, the Fellows join the Reality Ministries staff, and they are a major part of what we do. They are entrusted with leading programs, building friendships with participants, and contributing their unique ideas and energy to our team! They receive lots of support from the staff, making it a really wonderful place to try out new things and grow into leadership. Fellows will also be engaging in reflection together and with staff members, both over their work and over various Christian writings and practices. For a more detailed job description, click here.

Second, the Fellows take up residence in the North Street Neighborhood (about a half mile from the Reality Center), a community intentionally structured around people living with disability. Residents participate in life together in many ways, including prayer, meals, events, and many, many spontaneous porch hangouts (everyone there has a porch!). You will be living with one other Fellow in an apartment in one of the houses. Also, the area is very cool, with good food, parks, pubs, walking/running trails, and everything else you could want nearby. For more on the North Street Neighborhood, click here!

Each Fellow receives a $600 monthly stipend, free housing and utilities, and at least six meals per week through Reality’s programs.

Dates: The program will run August 2019 - July 2020.

We will review applications upon receipt until February 1, 2019 or until all positions are filled.

To apply, submit the Reality Fellow 2019-2020 Application. You can attach a letter of recommendation with your application but this is not required. 

Meet the 2018-2019 Reality Fellows!

Kelsey Duncan
A native Durhamite, Kelsey graduated in 2017 from Clemson University, and she's eager to tell anyone and everyone that there's nothing that compares to a Clemson football game. To our delight she is back in her hometown for the Fellows program, and we love seeing her amazing interpersonal gifts at work.
Abigail Woten
Abi is originally from Florida, and she went to college at NC State; she claims she doesn't have a southern drawl but definitely does. She is as happy as can be with a good book on a porch swing - especially in the mountains or at the beach. Her humor and willing attitude bring life to the whole Reality community!
Matt Owens
Matt is an avid reader, conversationalist, and kayaker. Also from Durham, Matt went to school at Covenant College in the Chattanooga area. He already has at least one thing lined up for after this Fellowship: he's engaged to marry his fiancee Alice next August!
Ryan Tjelle
According to Ryan, the two most beautiful things in this world are soccer and fresh-squeezed lemonade. Any day that has both those things is a cause for rejoicing. Ryan came all the way from Washington state, where he went to school at the one and only Whitworth University. We're lucky he was willing to move all the way to Durham!

HanSol Sim
Han can do just about anything, but he's most satisfied when he's simply sitting on the porch with a cold drink and some good music. Originally from Texas, he moved here a few years ago to attend Duke Divinity School; we're so glad he stayed around and we are blessed to have his thoughtful and easygoing presence here!